Make the Foyer a Masterpiece 

Your entryway is one of the focal points of your home.  Guests often enter into your foyer and what they see leaves a lasting first impression.  Foyers, as a high-traffic area prone to major wear and tear, often need updating more frequently than other spaces in a home.  Here are some tips for improving the look and feel of your entryway in order to maximize the value of your property.

1: Repaint the backside of the front door. 

The foyer space actually begins with your front door.  The backside of your front door is an opportunity to inspire you and your guests.  The traditional white front door is being replaced with a vibrant array of fresh, new colors.  These bold shades will secretly give your foyer a new look by simply painting the backside of the front door.

Think outside the “Color Box” when painting the backside of your front door.

Follow these recommendations and you will make a great color choice that you will love for many years to come:

  • Your front door should be bold and dramatic.  Most people hear the world bold and they automatically associate it with a dark shade.  Oftentimes light colors will create the boldest impact of all.  Be sure to consider both light and dark tones that contrast with the main body color of the walls in your entryway.
  • Do not make your door color an exact match to your trim.  Select a color that complements the rest of your home, yet provides real contrast.  The backside of the front door should grab your attention and visually pull you into the space.  Think unique and bold, yet complimentary.
  • Consider how you want to feel when you are in your foyer.  Do you want the ambiance to be casual and inviting or strong and sophisticated?  Which colors make you feel this way?
  • Use a color visualizer. Take a photograph of your foyer, upload it to your computer or mobile device and use a color visualizer to insert a variety of door colors.  An easy-to-use free visualizer can be found at:

2: Repaint the walls with a matte finish.

After you have settled on a warm and inviting color for your entryway walls, paint them with a matte finish to give the cleanest finished look.  The premium matte finishes combine the best characteristics of both flat and eggshell paints.  The paint will dry flat and hide imperfections, yet it will also be washable.  I recommend buying the Sherwin-Williams Emerald Matte finish or Benjamin Moore Aura Matte finish.  These premium products cover well and are surprisingly washable with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

3: Use oil-based paints on foyer trim.

Nothing looks worse than scratched and chipping paint on your entryway trim and doors.  I recommend using oil-based trim paints as they are more durable than their acrylic counterparts.  My favorite trim products currently on the market are: Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo (for a low lustre sheen); Sherwin-Williams ProClassic (for a semi-gloss sheen); and Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant (for a high-gloss sheen).

4: Include an accent wall.

When you are ready to try an accent wall in the foyer, I suggest the wall directly across from the front door.  Use your wall color and have your paint store tint that same color at 120%, 140% and 160%.  Put color samples on the wall and sleep on it!

5: Use our “Painter for the Day” program.

Oftentimes only touch-up trim painting or simply painting a wall or two will make a major difference in the appearance of your foyer.  We have developed a program for our customers in which we supply a professional painter for an 8 hour day to complete a small “honey do” list of items.  This service is perfect for freshening up your entryway for the Holidays!

Mark A. DeFrancesco, President, MDF Painting & Power Washing, LLC