If you have the right tips in mind, you can sell a luxury home before you know it.

1. Stage the House for Showings

It may not be as necessary to stage a fixer-upper for a showing, but you really should take the time to get a luxury property ready for prospective buyers. If you take the time to thoroughly clean and organize the house, you can actually increase its value, and buyers will be a lot more inclined to splurge on a property that’s pretty much perfect and move-in ready.

To prepare a luxury home for a showing, make sure all of the floors are totally clean, that the windows sparkle, and that the backyard’s grass is cut and the landscaping is perfect. Minor renovations should be done, and staging with a professional design or staging company is necessary to bring in the right décor and furniture to really spruce up the space and bring out its best features.

2. Use Social Media to Market a Luxury Property

While you can certainly use print ads to promote a luxury property, you should also go a step further and promote it on social media. This is a really important tool for realtors who want to get the most exposure. If you fail to market a home on social media, you’re missing out on a large number of prospective buyers.

3. Get Professional Photos Taken

Forget about taking photos of a luxury property on your smartphone; instead, you should hire a professional photographer who will have the tools and expertise to accurately depict all of the positive aspects of the home. Remember, the photos will be the first impression the home makes when people search online.

4. Create Videos of the Property

In addition to getting professional photos taken of the luxury home, you should also create what’s known as a video tour, which isn’t the same as a virtual tour. Put simply, a video tour is a short film that can have narration as an optional component. It will take a prospective buyer on a tour throughout the home, giving the person a feel for the property, along with floor plans to provide a context for what’s possible if they make changes to it.

5. Avoid Open Houses

When it comes to luxury homes, open houses aren’t as effective because they often attract people who aren’t really interested in buying but are simply interested in seeing how wealthy people live. Stick with private showings, and show the home as many times as possible while being respectful and punctual at all times.

With these tips in mind, you can start selling more luxury properties in a shorter amount of time.

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